That new mic smell

Today’s a huge day for me. The new mic that I ordered has arrived and y’all, it is gorgeous.


This precious new baby is a Shure SM7b, and I’ve been waffling over buying it for months. It’s not cheap–my previous mic, an AT2100, can be had for about 80 bucks compared to the Shure’s 400 (though I got it for 350 used.) And while the AT2100 is a fantastic mic for podcasting, I’ve been hearing enough feedback from producers I’ve been working with that I want to give my stuff some extra oomph.

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Soundproofing and (not) dognapping.

If you’re here from my Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook, you know that I record from my home studio. “Studio” being a generous term, really. It’s more a messy desk and computer space that has been slowly accumulating recording gear and nerd detritus over the course of the past decade.

That said, I have dreams of my own recording booth. Or, more plausibly, a soundproofed closet sweatbox to record in once we move to a new place, where I can scream and yell and cry without having to go door-to-door and ask any neighbors at home during the day to please not call the cops, I’m only pretending to be murdered. And of course, where I can record without interference from outside sources.


A picture of a husky dog smiling, holding a stuffed husky.
Exhibit A.

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