That new mic smell

Today’s a huge day for me. The new mic that I ordered has arrived and y’all, it is gorgeous.


This precious new baby is a Shure SM7b, and I’ve been waffling over buying it for months. It’s not cheap–my previous mic, an AT2100, can be had for about 80 bucks compared to the Shure’s 400 (though I got it for 350 used.) And while the AT2100 is a fantastic mic for podcasting, I’ve been hearing enough feedback from producers I’ve been working with that I want to give my stuff some extra oomph.

Each project I’ve worked on over the past year–podcast, voice work, audiobook–has taught me more and more lessons about what I want from my finished products. I want the best quality I can. While it’s fun for me, it’s also a business–and that means re-investing in equipment and education. I’ve been taking voice classes, joining professional groups–and now, ensuring that those don’t go to waste by making sure everything sounds great.

Naturally, the first thing I want to do with new gear is test it out. I chose to use a sample of prose I’d previously recorded–and wow, the difference was noticeable. Maybe it’s just that New Gear Honeymoon period, but then again, for five times the cost, you’d hope you’re not just paying for a fancy name. But after hearing that smooth smooth sound… I spent the afternoon just wanting to record everything.

That’s another fun thing about new gear. You just want to play with it for hours until it stops being new.

Fingers crossed I really break this mic in with a new audiobook soon. But I was lucky enough to record some lines for an upcoming episode of On the Bubble Podcast, which was a lot of fun. Until then, I’m looking forward to using it in a bunch of new auditions and small projects.

It even sounded good while my air conditioner was running. Maybe it’ll work against howling upstairs dogs.

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